Social Media Release: Unilab Ideas Positive Competition


Barry Barrientos

Unilab Ideas Positive Project Lead

Team BIGGKAS wins the 2010 Unilab Ideas Positive Competition

Unilab’s Ideas Positive Youth Camp for Change taps the youth sector to make a difference through their social marketing strategies to make a difference in their chosen community.

News Facts:

  • Ideas Positive Competition was held at the Unilab Bayanihan Center on September 25, 2010.
  • Five teams from different colleges and universities competed for the final round of the competition.
  • Team BIGGKAS’s “Buklod Bukid Sowing Nutrition Reaping Hope” won first prize and was awarded with 100,000 pesos as the seed money for their community project.
  • The other finalists were The PET Society, SERVE, UB and G and CLPH.
  • Each team had twenty minutes to present their proposal on addressing health and wellness issues in their chosen community.
  • The Ideas Positive Competition is the culmination of the Ideas Positive Youth Camp for Change that started on September 23, 2010.

Quotes from Mr. Ben O. Yap EVP and COO, Unilab

  • “Health empowers, education empowers.”
  • “…turning ideas positive into action positive”

Quote from Mr. Barry Barrientos, Ideas Positive Project Lead

  • “May you gain not only ideas positive but nuggets of wisdom, not only competitors but friends, not only experience but memories you will treasure.”

Ideas Positive Competition Photos

Mr. Ben O. Yap giving his opening speech. photo credit: Unilab Ideas Positive Facebook page

The finalists of Ideas Positive Competition photo credit : Unilab Ideas Positive Facebook page

Team BIGGKAS photo credit : Unilab Ideas Positive Facebook page

To know more about Ideas positive Youth Camp for Change, you may visit them at or find them on Facebook.


The Seven Wonders of the Social Media World


          I still have a lot to discover about social media. And as I learn more about it, new and updated information will just keep on coming making this online journey a never-ending one. However, let me share with you the wonders I have come to know thanks to social media.

1. You’re so far yet so near.

           This would definitely be on top of my list since I spend most of my online time on social networking sites. Social networking sites fit perfectly in our culture since we have lots of OFW families that need affordable and easy-to-access communication tool to stay in touch with their families. We also love to chat with our friends and gossip. Social networking sites answer all those needs. However, we should also be cautious about relying too much on social networking sites as these may also weaken a relationship instead of strengthening it. We must still remember that if we can spend time with them in person, let us choose that over an online one.

2 Your library at your fingertips

          With the thousands of e-books and other resources online, researching for a topic is a breeze. Search engines are our best friends when it comes to looking for just about anything. Students and teachers alike also learned to take advantage of the social networking sites to post assignments and other announcements.

3. Meet the world

          Now you don’t need an airplane to travel to various places. With just one click from your mouse, you can discover different places right at the comfort of your own home. For budding travellers, this is a good start in exploring the world until the time you can take a trip around the world. Not only you can know more about a certain place but you can also meet a lot of people online. Though you may come from the opposite parts of the globe, with social media, we can all find each other. Through links and tags, you can connect with different people from different backgrounds and talk about your common interests.

4. Language barrier no more

            Social media breaks language barrier, thanks to all online subbers out there. If you are a fan of Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French or any other foreign shows but doesn’t speak their native language, there’s nothing to worry about since these lovely subbers are ready to share their talents with you.  

 5. Shop ‘til you drop

            Online shops that offer great items at such affordable prices are on the rise. If you don’t want your feet to suffer from walking all day long or get sidetracked with a lot of things you see in the mall and end up buying what you don’t need, you can go to online shops and just browse through the choices for your target purchase. However, there are also disadvantages especially if you are fooled by a fake seller. It’s up to you to make the necessary precautions.

6. Be your own superstar

            Thanks to YouTube and MySpace promising artists don’t need to be under huge labels. All they need is pure talent and a camera and they can shoot their way to stardom. Some artists become famous even before they release their first album. This shows that if you got what it takes, go ahead and show it to the world.

7. Stalking just got easier

            Gone are the days when we have to do extreme measures just to keep ourselves updated with the whereabouts of our favorite people. May it be a celebrity or not, all we have to do is to wait for “one new tweet!” notice and we are instantly updated.

What are your wonders of the social media world? 🙂

Your Online Keepsake


Have you ever lost pictures, mementos or any remembrance from past special occasions? Well, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Now we can save all those fun memories in our online diaries or blogs.

Blogs are created for different purposes. We know of fashion blogs, travel blogs and business blogs. Most if not all of these blogs are dedicated to share and broadcast your message to your audience. When we write blogs, it is advisable that we think about our audience. This is the point of blogs being part of the new social media. Also, blogs being part of the online world is here to stay. As long as we don’t delete it, we can share and store endless stories that can reach millions of people. But more than sharing our stories, don’t you like to reminisce good times minus the dust and missing pictures?

My family moves a lot. Since I was an infant until now in my last year of college, we have already moved six times. Maybe it’s not that often but compared to my friends who have lived in the same house all their lives, changing my address every now and then was quite different.

Every time we move, we always go through all the things that we should bring, things we should throw away, and things we should buy. Since my mom would want to pack light and just bring the necessary stuff, my siblings and I were not encouraged to create scrapbooks or anything that would qualify as “kalat” after a while. All of our childhood pictures were kept and arranged in photo albums that are easy to carry. Having sketches and scrapbooks were our childhood frustration. We did try to insist on having our own little treasure boxes. I remember transforming a cake box from my birthday to a treasure box full of my favorite stickers and stationaries. But then, since we were not in-charge of the packing and arranging of our belongings at that time, we weren’t able to bring it with us. As time passed by, I already became used to keeping things simple and organized.

 But now, thanks to blogs, I can have my own storage of my lovely memories without the hassle of keeping them somewhere. I know that I won’t have to worry about losing important remembrance from fun events I spent with family and friends. As of now, I only have my SNS but now that I have experienced blogging, I think it can also be a good way of telling your story so that even after so many years, you won’t forget a single detail. You can also customize the design of your blog just like a scrapbook. Of course, if it is something that you wouldn’t want to broadcast to the world, then by all means, do not post it.

Some may say that a virtual version cannot replace the real thing, but then at least now we have an option. 🙂

Psychology meets Podcasting


One thing that I will always relate to the topic of podcasting is my Psych 150 class. In that class, we discuss about different personality theories of psychologists. My professor also downloads podcasts of Professor Todd. He is also a psychology professor based in the US. His Great Ideas in Psychology Podcast consists of different discussions on various concepts related to psychology. We often use his podcast in class either before we start a lesson or before we end it. I think it greatly helps us especially when we are running out of time to discuss the lessons we have to cover for the day.


Professor Todd’s podcasts are audio podcasts. So we can only listen to whatever he has to say. At first I thought it would be super boring but when I listened to it, it was actually quite engaging. Here are the reasons why I like his podcasts: First, he has a clear and loud voice. Second, He discusses his lessons in a simple manner. Whenever he uses jargons or difficult terms, he follows it up with examples that would make you understand it more. Third, he knows when to cut his discussions. What I mean about cutting is that you won’t hear him talk for 37 minutes straight without any breaks. He adds a sound effect whenever he would go into the next topic. It’s like you’re listening to a talk show.

You can listen to some of his podcasts here:

Great Ideas in Psychology by Professor Todd

Another thing that I like about podcasts like this is that we could use these podcasts to review for our exams. I think a lot of students would agree that if you listen to something over and over again, it can help you memorize things faster. So even if you are on the road, you can still catch up with relevant podcasts to your lessons. Topics in podcasts vary from school-related to religion to entertainment so I’m sure you will find something that would suit your taste.

            Now, aside from our songs in our mp3 players, we found a new companion in podcasts.

Text your Facebook!

Our mobile phones just got social!

In a time where everything is found online, some of us may just want to be glued on our computer chairs all day long. But now, our ever reliable mobile phones can also be our platform in staying connected anytime, anywhere.

In’s article “Facebook out to make mobile phones social” on September 23, 2010, it can be seen that Facebook sees the trend of people checking their Facebook accounts through their mobile phones. Whether you are using an iPhone, a Blackberry, or any mobile phone for that matter that has internet capabilities, you are sure to enjoy the perks of being on Facebook all day. This effort of Facebook to be everywhere and be included into the mobile lifestyle of people nowadays shows that they are adjusting to the needs of their consumers. This trend coupled with the rise of business and android phones here in the country will surely increase the number of mobile SNS users. Also, the leading telecommunications companies here in the Philippines have long been offering their subscribers different plans they could choose from so that they would enjoy surfing the net through their mobile phones.

Here are some of the commercials about mobile internet surfing:

video credit:

video credit:

We can see that the youth is mostly targeted in this trend but I think this can also apply to organizations. Through mobile surfing, businessmen can easily reply to e-mails and it may be easier to respond to inquiries of your customers. It can be easier to disseminate information and in real-time. Also, even though you don’t subscribe to the internet deals of telecommunication companies, as long as your phone can access wi-fi then it’s instant internet for free. I think it is also why using Twitter through your mobile phone phone is also on the rise. Since in Twitter, the exchange of messages are very quick so people who would like to be updated must keep track of those coming messages and mobile internet can do that for them. This makes the organization and its processes more interactive.

Maybe in the coming years when business phones and android phones are more affordable to an average person, more people will definitely be wired and on the go.

Certified Advocates

            I have mentioned consistency and sincerity in my previous post as what I think would help a brand succeed. I haven’t given you any example about it so now I decided to share with you a first-hand experience with an event my sisters and I accidentally attended since we wanted to have a free picture. This was Toblerone’s National Thank You Day Awards event that happened almost a year ago. It was held on November 20, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia. Yes, I know it’s been a while already but I think I could better explain such activities if I have actually attended one. 🙂 

            So, at first I thought this was just a small event because when we got there weren’t too many people yet. We saw a photo area and a freedom wall. For those who would like to have a free photo, they would ask you to write on a piece of paper the person or people you would like to thank and they would pin it on the wall and then you can get in line for the photo. After a few minutes the program started and there they presented thank you awards to personalities who made a difference. The main winner that time was former President Corazon Aquino. They gave prizes for “spread the sweetness” photo competition and had performances from True Faith. They also gave away free chocolates for the audience. 

My very own National Thank You Day souvenir


             I think the concept of a “thank you day” suits Toblerone since they are a chocolate brand and chocolates are one of the most preferred gifts we give to people we are thankful for whether it be for a simple errand your sibling did for you or special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. They chose an advocacy that was related to their brand. It was also nice that they tried to be socially relevant since most of the nominees are Filipinos who in their own way tried to make the world a sweeter place. The event fostered a feel good vibe with the music and freebies they gave away. Also, saying “thank you” is taken for granted by a lot of people nowadays so bringing this simple gesture back appeals to people who would want to remember anything that would make them feel grateful. 

Do you have any similar stories? Share them! 🙂 

The way we see it

The first college stage play I was I able watch was “Rashomon”. I was still a freshman in UPLB back then when one of my professors during that semester required our class to attend the play. It was originally a movie by Akira Kurosawa about a murder that happened and the different versions of the witnesses.

At that time, all they had were each other’s testimonies and they couldn’t figure out the truth. Although it’s been 60 years since the film was shown, I think the message is still relevant until now. There will always be different versions of one story. This message is seen even in our daily lives. People would choose to see things in their advantage. It’s part of our human nature. People may watch a movie, dine in a new restaurant, or attend a single event but we can’t expect to have the same stories. If there are a thousand people there, expect a thousand different stories.

Now that we have social media, we can have access to these stories and see what messages are common in these stories. In one of our classes, we were introduced to different platforms that could help organizations monitor their brands. From Socialmention to Tweetfeel and other sites, they would surely help in knowing what people think about a certain brand. Of course, people come from different perspective and you can’t please everyone. Our reputation may vary depending on who sees us because they use their own standards to judge what they see.

Based on what I have learned so far from lessons in school, there are two vital ingredients needed to make us reap a good reputation from different people. These are consistency and sincerity. I think everything boils down to these two. First, let’s talk about consistency. Consistency shows that you are not just a people pleaser. It shows that you stand for what you believe in and it shows through your actions. Even if some people would disagree, they would definitely appreciate your conviction. Consistency develops your credibility. I remember my former professor shared in our class that credibility is a perception. That is why being consistent is a way of showing that you messages are reliable and dependable. Second is sincerity. Sincerity is the key in developing relationships with your audience. The more personal your message is, the more people can relate to it and that establishes a special bond. This is what social media is all about. It levels our playing field so that no one would feel superior or inferior.

Consistency together with sincerity illustrates your passion in what you are doing. It shows that you practice what you preach. When your audience sees this, your organization can definitely win the battle of the brands.

With consistency and sincerity, your organization will surely win the battle of the brands

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